Aerial Yoga for Women

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There is no scientific evidence that inversions should not be practiced during menstruation. At the medical level, there are no reasons why women should avoid some postures during the period.”- says Machelle M. Seibel, a clinical professor of gynecology and obstetrics in the Medical Centre at the University of Massachusetts and co-author of the book: A Woman’s Book Of Yoga. 

Only if a woman suffers or has suffered from endometriosis inversions may be contraindicated because of the risk of implantation of uterine cells in the peritoneum. If there is no previous diagnosis, there will be no problem in the practice of inverted asanas during menstruation because of the time they are held, even if it’s for several minutes, do not involve any risk”. says Miguel Fraile,  a professor and trainer in yoga therapy, graduated in Medicine by Complutense University of Madrid

Traditionally menstruating women were perceived as “impure” and this could be a reason, why there are so many contraindications related to their period.

There are many women practitioners who feel the benefits of inversions during their menstruation and at the end of the day it should be everyone’s personal decision whether they want to be inverted or not.

If the blooding is heavy or there is any abdominal discomfort or pain, one will naturally avoid strong poses, crunches and other intense poses. In such cases in aerial yoga it is advised to pad the hammock with a blanket and try nurturing, soft poses eg. semi-inversions with the hammock close to the ground.